Contract Dispute Law Attorney in Indianapolis, Indiana

When you enter into a contract with someone, it is usually legally binding as long as it is written down and something of value has been exchanged between parties. However, even if the contract is legal, contract disputes may still occur if one or more parties disagree with any of the terms or definitions in the contract, or if there is a breach of contract. That's when you need a contract dispute lawyer. 

The Butler Law Firm knows contract dispute law in Indianapolis, IN. Depend on us to be on your side and to fight for your rights when you hire us as your law team. 

What Are Examples of Contract Disputes?

A contract dispute may occur because there is an issue with the offer and acceptance that is drawn up in the contract. Disputes may also occur if coercion or fraud is involved with the contract in any way. Errors in the contract can also cause disputes, along with issues with drafting and reviewing, issues with the definitions of any technical term used, and breaches of contract.

What Is a Breach of Contract?

A material breach may occur when the contract is broken beyond repair. With a material breach, the nonbreach party does not have to fulfill their end of the contract and can sue the other party that did breach the contract. 

A minor breach occurs if someone broke the contract but the breach did not affect the whole purpose of the contract. All parties still have to fulfill their obligations, but the party that breached the contract can now be sued by the other non-offending party.

How Do You Remedy a Contract Dispute?

A legal remedy usually includes compensatory damages, restitution, and liquidated damages paid to the nonbreaching party. The parties of the contract may also need to take legally mandated steps to still perform their contractual duties.

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